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November 17, 2018
First Responder Appreciation Dinner

The New Brush 5

The Oley Fire Company recently took delivery of their new 2014 GMC Sierra  brush truck. This truck was purchased with the help of a FEMA grant. This truck will replace the 1963 Ford brush truck that has served our community for over fifty year.


Community Donations

On Wednesday, 5/14/2014, Fire Chief Todd Kegerise provided a donation of first aid/medical supplies to Wendy Serba, Vice President of the Oley Valley Youth League. Over hundred dollars worth of supplies was donated to the OVYL on behalf of the Oley Fire Company.

Oley High School Prom Demo

On May 7th 2014 the Oley, Alsace Manor and Ruscombmanor Fire Companies, Oley EMS and the Oley police Department along with the Berks County Coroner's Office staged a mock car crash on the Oley Fairgrounds across from the Oley High School.

The mock crash was staged because this upcoming weekend is Oley Valley High Schools Prom and the local agencies wanted to get the message out to the students not to use alcohol or other controlled substances and especially not to endanger themselves or others by choosing to drive under the influence of controlled substances, as well as not to text while behind the wheel.

Upon our arrival at the mock crash crews founds a two car crash with multiple injuries, entrapment and one fatality. Crews operated as if the crash was real and we stabilized the vehicles involved, attended to the injured and extricated the trapped victims, while the Coroner's office dealt with the fatality.

PEMA Grant Awarded

The Oley Fire Company is pleased to announce that we were able to obtain the the 2013-2014 PEMA Grant for the following amounts.

Ambulance = $7,091.40
Truck Crew = $13,619.31

This money will go towards the cost of equipment that will benefit firefighter safety and also improve our response to the community.

Boy Scouts double as Junior Firefighters

Courtesy of the Reading Eagle: Harold Hoch
Reading Eagle Article